Business Directories

Business Directories

EMART EVENTURES has three Business Directories:

  • – Coimbatore Business Spot Finder-cum-Search Engine
  • – Pan-India Business Directory
  • – Global Business Directory
  • Highlights of our Business Directories

  • Business Profile Listing
  • Banners & PPC Ads
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Shopping Cart
  • Featured Listing
  • Category Topper / Urgent Ads

  • Why to list in our Directories?

    Regional, National and Global Directories

    You can target local, national or global audiences depending upon your business nature and how you want the market coverage.

    Achieving business objectives through Banners

    You can fulfil and promote all your business objectives such as Branding, New Product Launches, Offers & Deals, Announcements, Dealership Calls, New Market Entry, App Downloads, Call-To-Actions (CTA’s) and Filling Jobs.

    Educating Audience through Videos and Blogs

    You can publish your videos and blogs to reach out to your target audience and educate them about your product and service offerings.

    Sell your products through Online Shop

    You can list and sell your wares on our Online Shopping Cart and increase your bottomline sales.

    Enhance visibility through Featured Ads / Category Topper

    Featured Ads and Category Topper put your brand on the top of our Directory front page and category page respectively giving your brand priority view.

    Marketing Solution / Strategy based Packages

    You can choose goal specific and objective focussed Subscription Plans according to your specific business situations and budget. We also offer Custom Plans based on your urgent, short term and long term business needs.

    Higher or guaranteed Return On Investment (ROI)

    You have an option to choose Plans based on whether you need guaranteed number of views for your business or unlimited views. As you option is with you, you can control how you get benefitted from our Business Directories. Moreover, you will get value for your advertisement budget with us as our Combo Plans are like mini-Digital Marketing plans that give the best mileage with cost-effectiveness.

    Strategy, Graphics and Content Writing Support

    We have in-house and outsourced expertise to offer our extended services like Market Strategy, Web & Graphics Designing, Web & Mobile Application Development and Content Writing to fulfil your objectives so that you do not have to shuttle between multiple service providers for different solutions and consulting needs.

    How to list in our Directories

    While covers Coimbatore city, district and suburbs and primarily suits local businesses in Coimbatore that want a strong local presence and those brands that have interests in Coimbatore market.

    Businesses who want a Pan-India presence can list and benefitted through – India Business-cum-Suppliers’ Directory.

    Corporate giants, exporters / importers, software companies, BPO’s / KPO’s, businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurs, builders, consultants and freelancers who have either global presence, outreach, outlook and interests can participate in, our Global Business Directory, and achieve their goals.

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