Business Network Builder KrossPro (KSL 20/20)

Business Network Builder KrossPro (KSL 20/20)

What is KrossPro? KrossPro is not a media. It is an online Business Communication Platform.

There will be few Business Groups in KrossPro and in everyGroup there will be one person per business category.

Benefits of KrossPro: Group members share leads & references with each other. They work as single marketing team (like sports teams) supporting each member with ideas, strategies and efforts to become the BEST GROUP to win yearly awards.

In short, KrossPro is a Cross Promotional Marketing tool.

At the end of every financial year, the Best Group/Team will be commemorated with KrossPro Champions Title Award and the top scoring member will be commemorated with Man ofKrossProAward for that year.

How can KrossPro help your business?

KrossPro helps you to achieve both short-term and long term goals of your business through valuable references, collective thinking and group strategies.

Features of KrossPro:

  • One person per business category in a group
  • Each person can interact with each other and share business contacts, leads and references.
  • Every week each member has to post his/her contact requirements and contact list (if necessary, product/service needs also).
  • Leads and referral contributions are compulsory in KrossPro.
  • Total number of leads, references and contacts shared between members of the group is published every month.
  • Total value of completed business is published every month along with number of transactions within and through the group members.
  • Competition between various groups fosters speed and triggers activities. Individual contributors and groups will be honoured for their high performance.

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