Content Writing

An iota of accurate information is better than a truck load of general information.

Content Writing

Getting impressions on your website is no big deal what with innumerable tools of internet promotion. Only getting your online visitors impressed with your web content makes all the difference in making a deal or otherwise. Catchy phrases with captivating slogans make the first difference. Then content on the homepage and subsequent pages. Laced with honey and fragrance, the words should be instantly smelled and consumed. Attempts to impress through the use of raw & pompous banners and texts with the oft-repeated sales slogans only mar the whole purpose. We use simple yet soothing words for the web content that represent you well. We provide content for websites, ebrochures, blogs, web articles, e-zines, newsletters, email correspondence, etc.,

Communication that does not foster knowledge or initiate action is a failed message. A failed message is like an undelivered post because it failed in its purpose. A well thought-out message clears all hurdles and does more than expected of it. The words of message are its energy base. The words carry the message more than the messenger. We offer our copywriting services for all kinds of offline or print formats viz newspapers, magazines, newsletters, articles, letters, reports, brochures, instruction manuals, guide books, handouts, flyers, labels, etc., with articles, slogans, promotional content, marketing writing, slogans, phrases, brand names, et al.

We offer content writing services for business needs including Generic / Technical / Ecommerce websites, articles, blogs, Press Releases, Case Studies, Social Media posts, marketing collateral, product descriptions, business profiles, presentations, videos, banners, infographics, newsletters, brand names, captions, slogans, et al.

Website content

While pictures speak a thousand words, there are picture-perfect words that depict the whole story in multiple dimensions – past, present, future, functions, causes and results. A website is one expected to reveal many such facets of an organization – business or otherwise. Besides the colours and designs that decorate the websites, words alone reach out to other contours not expressed in images.

Even though the web theme and layout help in enhancing the outlook and overall appearance of the website, it is only the clear crystal words and phrases contained in the website help bring top results in search engines. Search engines do not have eyes to see images and pictures to distinguish websites. The contents that define the websites can alone refine search engine results.

We make sincere efforts to match words with your business in every way possible in your website. With a combination of both hind sight and foresight, we give the reader a panoramic view of your business or organization - sketching in detail everything from your past achievements to grand future plans. As far as we are concerned, promoter’s intent will be the web content; not the other way.

Article writing

We can undertake articles writing for newspapers, magazines, publications, e-zines, newsletters, books, journals, etc., We have web research associates who can gather and analyze data in real fast time that helps in article writing. Our creative writing will encompass history, expert opinions, analysis and recommendations on the subject matter. We will get the outline of the story or article from you and set out in the direction without compromising on its essence and substance. If given a free-hand too, our expert panels do the job neatly giving the readers of the article a holistic view of the topic. Importantly, we are always ready for the race to match your pace. We will deliver your articles before set deadlines without dilution of the quality we promise and stand for.

Blog writing

Blog posting these days has assumed great prominence due to the passionate indulgence of millions in social media as part of their every day routine. Internet marketing initiatives these days are concentrated mostly on blog postings and regular updates of information. A single miss here and an amiss there can create an uproar of sorts across the social hemisphere that is hooked onto the social web and will leave behind an upheaval of disgusting and angry posts.

Having borne in mind the presence of multiple dialects across different diasporas and mindful of devastating social impacts a wrong blog post can create, we take extreme care not to disturb the social conscience without distorting the intended message when creating the blog posts.

E-books writing

We have internal, external, acquired and hired network of professionals and resources from a varied backgrounds, fields and experiences. So, we have the capability to deliver content writing services for e-books and online journals by drawing talents with depths and strengths in multiple disciplines. We can undertake e-books writing for any given subject including Economics, Commerce, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Taxation, Information Technology (IT), Sciences, Statistics, Women’s Studies, Real Estate, Interior Designing, Catering, Food & Dining, Politics, etc.,

We can write fresh content, develop/improve existing content, make inferences on given content, build stories around ideas, etc., in the necessary formats including evaluations, paginations, graphic designing.



For any organization, treasure lies in the display of words that describe it. The scintillating brochures without any words are like beautiful people without a face. Face reveals the character and so do the words. A brochure adorned with the slogans and phrases are like a city beautified with arches and colourful lights.

Words set the stage for any enterprise or institution. The character and the ethos of the organization are gauged by the tone of the content. The Vision-Mission statements, the Founding Philosophies, Values, Introductory brief, comprehensive details of the policies, purposes, procedures, plans and processes - all speak volumes about the organization and the person(s)who are behind the organization. And, of course, of those who are running it.

Expressed words - whether you like it or not - always find their expressions in some forms. The power of the spoken word creates acquaintance or annoyance. So, talk it better and take it better.

Slogan and caption creation/writing

We can create slogans and captions that stand the test of time and trends. We will study the character of your organization – be it profit or non-profit nature and create the slogan from within the concept itself. Here, you will be made the author of the storyboard as you know your business best. We key in only our creatives. If you want the complete concept done by us, we will be happy to do so.

In slogan and caption making, we will not attempt to fabricate or superimpose our ideas to your dream concept and water down its core essence. Instead, we make slogans which will in all its meaning, depth, tone and purpose will be reflecting only your visions and philosophies.

Business correspondence

If you want to become seven, ask eleven. Professionals always hire professionals because they know if it is what it has to be, they have to give it to the one who knows what it takes to make it how it has to be. Expertise is the keyword here. Experience is the other word. Mere understanding things and going by the passion does not help in business or any serious activity. Writing a business correspondence or report is no easy task. Writing business letters, sending emails or response letter with mere dull, archaic and mundane words will circumvent the purpose and will adversely impact the prospects of the proposal or business.

Proper care, selection of words, proof reading and spell checks are all hallmarks of good business correspondence. We will assist you with professional letter writing or email writing that will make the reader sink into the persuasive language and create positive impression about you, your business and organization.

Events writing/lecture content

Hunting minds is very much equivalent to striking gold mines. Captivating newspaper/ internet readers or an audience in a meeting is an uphill task but that is what every writer’s and speaker’s delight. Delighting your audience is nothing but illuminating their minds with your words and wisdom. Words are earthly but wisdom is heavenly. Wisdom is not for everyone. Mere words may impress your audience momentarily at times but do not stay there for long. But words of wisdom set your readers and audience thinking and get them straight to our point.

We offer content writing for event-centered articles, meetings, lectures, conferences, news items, newsletters, blog posts, web contents, presentations, et al.

Special writing

We offer our talents in content writing for hire for special occasions like conferences, business events, inaugurals, product launches, presentations, lectures, sporting events, quizzes, competitions, weddings, representations, litigations, functions, research, training sessions, etc., where professional writing is required to prepare reports, invitations, presentation slides or papers, advertisement copies, slogans, event names, phrases, brand names, backdrops, surveys, questionnaires, petitions, letters, emails, newsletters, brochures, notes, instructions, etc., Better to outsource than experiment and get sores.

We have the skilled content writers to lend their skills for websites, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, blogs, ad copies, articles, slogans, brand names, captions, coinages, letters, reports, journals, manuals, disclaimers, product labels, etc., We offer services such as content writing/copywriting, article writing, content editing, data entry, SEO writing, SEO keywords generation, etc., in this vertical.

Proof reading/copy editing

We are offering proof reading and copy editing services for any given content. The content will be checked for spelling errors, grammars, context and the needed parameters. We can also undertake content improvement tasks that brighten up the content given for a subject matter. This is especially done for websites, brochures, presentations, business correspondence, articles, newsletters, slide shows, books, journals, magazines, etc., We have plans to offer these services in multiple languages besides English.

Essentials of great content

A good content is straight forward and filled with truth. The concoctions and contradictions will be counterproductive to the cause of the content. So, never ever lie in the description. It is always advisable to use the words in right measure and positive connotations. Glorifying negativism or excessive exaggeration will undermine your organization and create suspicions about the quality of the people, firm and products you promote. Reflecting the real you with solid words with utmost creativity in your content will permeate the right audience and get you the right results.

Who to speak to

Being in your field for long you should be knowing your target audience. Or let us find it for you. You should not try to impress the general audience with your sales talk or promotional message.

What to expect

The purpose of content writing can be achieved using the right mix of language and creative proficiency. According to the subject matter and audience, the content can be enriched or pruned for an advanced or a basic writing. Readers’ needs vary based on the time, circumstances and moods.

A buyer of a home can be expected to spend more time in studying and analyzing trends, costs and styles of homes and realtors. Whereas a person looking to repair his washing machine may not incline to spend more time on reading. His immediate and perhaps only need could be the contact phone number of a neighbourhood service centre.

So, response from a content either published in print or in web is dependent on how differently different reader groups are satisfied and their expectations. Demographic differences among viewers may evoke surprising and unexpected responses totally unrelated to each groups.

While sales and promotional content is intended to generate sales enquiries and leads, they normally do more than expected - both favourably and unfavourably. Promotional messages can get promoted by even non-prospective buyers and members of society through social websites and bring about a colossal of responses, revenues, sales and even brickbats. Social media is very powerful. It can give also negative results especially for movies. Within hours of release, a movie is laid bare in the social media from east to west. People trigger positive and negative waves by posting about its interesting and boring scenes. They sort of creates an instant ‘education and awareness’ about the movie in the ‘overall interest of the public’. As a fallout, The Good prevails and The Bad fails. Truth triumphs in the end.

It is very paramount to be original and truthful when you plan your online content. Duplicate content will expose you and your organization and your image will be ripped apart.

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