Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Emart Gifts: Corporate Gifting Solutions
Our Offerings: We deal in physical and virtual gifting solutions.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting Solutions

The common objectives of Corporate Gifting:
  • Expressing appreciation for Customers
  • Creating brand awareness/recognition or enhancing the company’s image
  • Promoting new product or service, and motivating your own staff
  • Effects & Scope

  • Corporate gifts are a kind of business investment.
  • Business gift giving creates a sense of reciprocity and an obligation to return the favour.
  • Corporate gift giving helps continuous business with the Prospect & Client if tactfully induced.
  • Enhancing Corporate image & goodwill
  • Advertising & sales promotion
  • Powerful & much memorable promotional tool
  • Long-term advertisement
  • It is cost-effective and supplements mainstream advertisement
  • Occasions for Corporate Gifting

  • Introduction to new Customers
  • Entry to new segments & market bases
  • New products introduction
  • Festivals
  • Conventions/trade shows
  • Promotional events & new offers
  • Company anniversaries
  • Thanking Customers for business
  • Retaining Customers
  • Increase sales
  • Increase market share
  • Support Marketing team
  • Potential Recipients of Business Gifts

  • Existing Customers
  • Potential Customers
  • Lapsed Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Visitors to the Company
  • Various Trade & Industry Association members
  • Other cities’ dealers & distributors
  • Professionals
  • Opinion leaders
  • Peers & Business Associates
  • LinkedIn, Facebook & WhatsApp contacts & prospects
  • Strategy for Virtual Gifts:

  • Find a niche within customer bases and give custom-made personalised gifts with special appealing offers (eg. Women entrepreneurs, SME’s, Self-employed dealers).
  • Differentiate the customers in terms of their size and give appropriate value gift cards/vouchers.
  • Prepare different schemes and intro letters for different types of customers.
  • Give the gift in the second meeting as though the customer is given the gift for showing interest in your business to make the gift look more valuable in his/her eyes. The gift can be carried by the Senior Sales Person and handed to Decision Maker. In the first time, only intro letter may be given.
  • Exhibition enquiries
  • Regular Referral partners
  • Gift cards to SMS campaigns responders (Give missed call to get Rs.1000 worth of internet ad voucher)
  • Online survey responders
  • Send slogan & get free voucher
  • Visit our website and enter code sent by SMS to get free ad voucher
  • For product feedback
  • Give 2 references and get internet ad worth Rs.2500 absolutely free
  • Sector-wise targeting
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